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Elevate Business Revenue by 3x times and Drive 200% Increase in Referrals for a German-based Multi-level Marketing Company

Automated Multi-level Marketing

A German-based company intended to recreate their Multi-level Marketing (MLM) based website through which the members will be able to pump their revenue by adding new members through referrals and also add ads(banner/text) onto the site which other members can view. Based on the referrals, the level of members will be decided and the amount will be added into their wallet which they can withdraw as per their limit. There were some ads that provide a commission to the members and this would be added to the user wallet. The members should be able to purchase various plans (matrix plan, revenue plan, banner ad plan, text ads plan, etc.) and use them accordingly. If a member has more money than the threshold, he will be able to withdraw that through gateway integration within the site.

Dynamic Features to Boost Your Business

It was a revamped website that has a vast database and needed optimized records. The list of features includes

  • Multilingual site with various languages such as English, Italian, German, Russian, etc.
  • Multiple currencies like euro, pound, dollar, INR, etc are supported.
  • Integrate multiple payment gateways such as payza, payeer, and provide withdrawals in both of them.
  • Create a script that manages all the revenue plans and add commission to all the members. We need to optimize the matrix as it has too many records that are likely to be affected.
  • Generate matrix i.e., show the level of user as per their referral user and generate commission based on their level.
  • Manage the timing of ads as some ads are used to provide commission after watching them for a certain time range that can be managed by the admin.
  • Some of the sections such as static pages created in Drupal need to be integrated with CodeIgniter.
  • Provide commission to each member as per their revenue plan. If a member has purchased multiple revenue plans, he will be able to get a commission on the basis of the number of plans until they reach the threshold.
  • Migrate the older database to new ones
  • Mobile responsive view of the website

Our Flexible and Efficient Multi Level Marketing Website Services

Ryan software has the expertise and more than two decades of experience in building websites and multi-level marketing websites. We have a dedicated team to develop more reliable, efficient MLM websites with advanced features to enhance the user experience. We designed and developed an interactive architectural interface to foster a great bond with the users.

The application is built using CodeIgniter as a backend language, and CMS pages were developed by our Drupal experts. We have used Payeer and Payza as the payment gateway options. We were successful in building a user-friendly platform associated with making multi-level marketing websites through which members will be able to register the new users under their referral program. The members were able to purchase various plans listed on the site and were also able to get commissions after watching certain ads. They were also able to withdraw after reaching the threshold amount set by the admin. A member was also able to promote their website by adding various ads such as banner ads, text ads, PPC, bizmile ads, PTC ads, etc. which would be visible to other members. With our services, the client was able to increase the number of referrals by 200% and thereby, improve their business revenue by 3x times.


Our design approach is simple and our expert UI/UX designers built beautiful interfaces. We designed PSD files and provided them to the client which were further sliced into respective formats (jpeg/png/svg). After getting the client’s approval, we have created HTML with responsive views for all the pages. Post-development, we have cross-verified all the pages to see if the design is as anticipated or not.


The primary purpose of the website was to manage the members and their referrals. The members will be able to add/view ads provided on the website. The two users are

1. Users who will be able to add new members under their referral. They were able to add bank details and manage their wallet. They also purchase various plans such as matrix plans, revenue plans, banner ads, etc. listed on the site which would also be visible to the other members. Some of the ads also generate commission for a certain time period and the users can withdraw the amount from the wallets after reaching the threshold.

2. Admin will be able to manage all the details like plans, types of ads, members, payment gateways, manual payment transfer, manage settings, and wallet. The admin also approves or rejects the member withdrawal request and can also manage the commission amount from the members.

Testing and Debugging

Testing and debugging the entire functionality of the website is one of our core functions. We set the test cases and analysed them at regular intervals of time. We also perform unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, and performance testing. We also deploy them on beta servers and handled the bugs effectively.

Our Core Team

Our core team includes

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Two Web developers
  • Quality Analyst
  • Tester

Total Project Duration

- 5 Months

Strategic Achievements

Ryan software team has been successful in developing this website app within the predefined budget cost and stipulated time frame. We showed utmost diligence in aligning the company’s strategy and vision with the requirements of the client. We used Slack for real-time collaboration within the internal teams. We also left no stone unturned in reviewing the entire application with the client at regular intervals to accommodate if anything is missing. Our services aided the client to outperform their own metrics with ease. They could see a visible difference in their clients.

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