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Achieved 50% Conversion Rate for fully functional Europe Based (Czech Republic) Booking Website

Intuitive and user-friendly booking System

An European-based company wanted to create a simple and powerful hotel booking website wherein the user will be able to easily search a hotel and book a room for his stay in different European locations. Each hotel to have different types of rooms and amenities for the user to choose from. The user should be able to browse through all the options without any friction and purchase the best package available for a comfortable stay in Europe. There should be an easy rating and review option for the user to provide his feedback as well as filter through the hotel ratings and book a room. One should also be able to book a cab for the pickup/drop option nearby the available hotel. The hotel manager will be able to manage the hotel easily with dynamic room availability options, season and meal plans, etc. He should be able to manage various packages(medical/non-medical), amenities, user bookings, etc. for a seamless guest experience. With a powerful and user-friendly booking website, the company wanted to improve their conversion rate and boost up the bookings.

Endless Opportunities to double up visitors into guests

A user should have a seamless and intuitive experience while finding the best hotel for his stay in Europe. The list of features includes

  • Manage multiple locations and countries in the system and include multiple currencies like euro, pound, dollar, INR as per the geographic location and user convenience.
  • Multilingual website with various languages like English, Italian, German, Russian, etc.
  • Seasonal prices for the rooms as the cost varies depending on the season and amenities used.
  • Manage packages for the hotel/room depending on the amenities.
  • A super-admin panel with multiple user management and varied permissions for hotel managers and customers.
  • Integrate CMS pages developed in WordPress so that we can provide a common section through which the user need not log in every time.
  • Dynamic booking system to avoid overbooking hassles and hiding unavailable rooms.
  • Easy account management and invoicing
  • Manage Meal Menu as different hotels have different meal options
  • Mark the hotel into the Google map to show the location of the hotel when the user searches for a hotel in a certain location.
  • Secure payments on the websites with both pay now(payment through a gateway) and pay later(manual payment).
  • Manage reviews and ratings of the hotel. The user will be able to provide his ratings to the hotel and the hotel management can work on the resolution process.

Powered up Booking System for a Buoyant Business

Ryan software has a professional and specialized team that ensures technical excellence by designing and developing an interactive architectural interface to ensure technical excellence. We created the application using Laravel as a backend language, built the CMS pages with WordPress, and PayPal as a payment gateway option.

All-encompassing Features

We built a user-friendly platform to make the hotel-booking app accessible to different locations in Europe. Various features such as searching the hotel on the basis of different filter options like location, date, meal, no. of persons, etc. are included. We also developed detailed pages for each region/country with brief information about its history, famous places to visit, a list of all hotels with different packages, and available room listing. With all the built-in features, website visitors were able to get the best services possible thereby, improving the booking rate by 200% and converting the visitors into guests.

Interactive and Intuitive Designs

Simple, intuitive, and interactive! Our creative team of UI designers built a beautiful interface so that the users can easily get acquainted with the application flow and navigation. PSD files were also provided to the client which were further sliced into the respective format (JPEG/PNG/SVG) as per the platform feasibility. After the client’s approval, we have created HTML with a responsive view for all the pages. We also made a quick walkthrough of all the pages to make sure the design is proper and intact.

Multiple-user Management

The website has three types of users - admin, hotel manager, and the user(guest).

1. Admin will be able to manage all the details with respect to the hotel, room, location, country, amenities, booking price, booking availability, packages, ratings, managers list, booking information, and so on. Admin will also be able to access the CMS page sections through WordPress.

2. Hotel Manager will be able to add their hotel to the website, manage multiple hotels under one account. They can add multiple rooms with different amenities, manage meals for each room, and manage booking rate as per the amenities and meals used. They will also be able to manage the availability of the rooms, confirm or deny the booking, and even show the cab booking option as per the availability of their drivers.

3. User will be able to search the hotels based on location, date, meal, no. of guests, etc. They will be able to see various amenities available in the hotel and can see the package list. They would also have flexible payment options with pay now and pay later options. They can access their booking history and even rebook the same. If required, they will be able to utilize the pickup/drop cab facility as per the availability at the hotel.

Testing and Debugging

We have a specialized testing and QA team who ensured the proper functioning of the app, write some test cases, and analyse them from time to time. We also used automated testing methods to resolve performance issues, performed unit testing, integration testing, and regression testing. The app was further deployed on beta servers and the generated bugs were resolved effectively.

Our Expert Team

Our team was dedicated and was responsible for converting the base requirements into a well-built functionality.

  • Team Leader
  • 3 Back-end Developers
  • 2 Front-end Developer
  • Designer
  • 3 Tester

Project Duration Time

- 12 months

Rapid Application Development

Our brilliant team was successful in developing the booking application system within the stipulated time period. They showed extraordinary commitment to bringing their expertise and excellence to the table and complete the web application development with great diligence. We aligned with the company’s strategy and vision during the requirement gathering phase. We also kept pace with the rapid application deployment in the face of changing requirements by adhering to the agile methodology. For real-time collaboration within the internal teams, we used Trello and also conducted regular application reviews with the client to make sure everything is going as per the laid-out plan.

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